For Sale By Owner
Street Vehicles

We created this section for the sale of customer-owned cars as a no-cost service exclusively for our customers and to help our website visitors find quality road and track machinery. Our customers have sold more than 500 cars this way since we began this service in December 2001. If you are a customer of Bimmer Haus Performance and would like us to list your car for sale, please follow these instructions.

Please read the important disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Sorry, everyone has sold their cars.

But check back soon because this is rare... there are usually several good deals here!

The cars shown above are customer cars and are being listed by Bimmer Haus Performance Group, Inc. solely as a customer service. Please contact the owner directly and do not contact Bimmer Haus regarding any of these cars unless specificly mentioned in the ad. All information and details have been provided by the owner. While we attempt to screen out and will not post ads or information we recognize as fraudulent or misleading, Bimmer Haus is not responsible for the accuracy or content of these ads, or the pricing, quality, condition, or value of of these cars and lists them solely as a service to our customers and website visitors.